[Review] Conflicted Interest by Ava Starke

Theo flies to Athens for a wedding with a plan: stay for the vows, raise a toast, and get the hell back to work. He's staring down the barrel of the biggest gamble of his career, and can't afford the distractions of a glamorous city or desirable women; neither of which excite him much anyway.

Until he meets Audrey.

Brilliant, ruthless, and set on conquering the finance world, the young exec would rather be catching a London red-eye, than a mangled wedding bouquet. But when tall, mysterious Theo pulls her onto the dance floor, all thoughts of clients and contracts vanish. The man is intoxicating; his warm touch lingers long after his hands have left her body. They're from different cities and different worlds--it would never work.

And yet she's haunted by the brush of his lips against her throat, the delicious press of his body...

But Theo is keeping secrets that could break Audrey's heart and destroy everything she's worked for. In this careful dance of power and seduction, has Theo finally met his match?

Conflicted Interest is the first steamy installment of the sensual contemporary romance Conflicted Series, intended for ages 18+.

💙 Copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 💙

This book has left me feeling conflicted! After a few months I decided to pick my Kindle back up - shock! I was able to carry on without going back over the previous chapters, which is also a good thing.
Audrey and Theo meet at Audrey's ex's wedding - Awks - and have some chemistry...
After the short wedding fling they both head their separate ways; until Audrey pulls up her big girl pants and goes on an adventure just for some fun.
This is the part that gets the ball rolling and a few of my own "Oooh, lets take a guess at who he really is" moments.
They end up skirting around each other and also making assumptions. Tons of Assumptions!
but in the end it all comes out... The truth that is... and yet we continue assuming.
Just as the book ends it - you get a God damn cliffhanger! and this is where my conflict comes in.
I like the story and i want to know what the heck happens BUT I also find myself drifting over a ton of detail. It's great that you can literally see everything in your head... but i'm the kinda reader who wants the action, which is all my own personal preference.
I'll download a sample just in case.

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