[Review] Slider by Stacy Borel

Dr. Turner Brooks may be the professional brother, but he's also the adrenaline junkie. When he meets Annabelle, a girl scared to death of veering from the path she’s paved for herself, all he wants to do is push her out of that comfort zone.

Annabelle has already lost too much. She wants to stay focused on her new nursing job and away from unnecessary risks. Turner Brooks is exactly that – an unnecessary risk. She’s heard the rumors about him flying around the hospital, describing him as a “womanizer” or “sex god.” Yeah, she doesn’t need that.

Still, Turner tries to teach her that life is full of risks worth taking. As they grow closer and she begins to let go, the unexpected happens.

Will they be able to recover from that surprising fastball or could this be the final strike out?

**This book can be read as a stand alone**

I liked this book but it was missing something compared to how much I loved Bender.
There could have been more drama I think due to Turners past relationships which would have made it more tense at times however I liked it without it.
There was sadness which you really did feel for Noah but other than that not a whole lot of emotion. Unlike Bender where I laid laughing to myself at tit o'clock in the morning.
Looking forward to Cutter... Looks like i'm about to get my drama.

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