[Review] Shutout by Stacy Borel

From New York Times and USA Today's best selling author, Stacy Borel, comes the series finale of The Core Four.

Hadley Marten's first year at LSU was supposed to be a fresh start. Somewhere she could reinvent herself and leave behind old stigmas.

Eighteen years of being a nobody, and she was ready to be a somebody.

Just when she thought she could finally take life by the horns, she heard a familiar voice say her name.

Wrigley Brooks was the boy she always wanted, but could never have. He was the last single Brooks brother.

One forced friendship, budding feelings, and a man that can't take no for an answer, has her world turned upside down.

Life was determined to show Hadley that there was a lesson in everything. Whether she liked it or not.

Final book and I think between the brothers, Wrigley is my fav!
OK, Camden and Wrigley. The beginning and end make the series worth it.
So Hadley is the girl down the street who's been the social outcast all her life. The fact she's heading off to college to reinvent herself, or become herself is actually quite exciting. Except she's not alone and the boy she's crushed after -  Wrigley is there too.
Their bond and friendship is glued from their home town and Wrigley quickly sees Hadley for who she is. Yes they have their issues but  think we can all relate to that voice inside our heads sometimes and letting the past ruin the future.
It was a lovely written book again without too much drama, but just enough.
Is it bad when I loved the 5 year epilogue more than anything? Probably but I missed them all as a group. I love how the author (Stacy) intermingled the book with Cutter.
They worked perfectly. I also loved reliving one of my fav scenes from it.
If anyone wanted an easier read series, this would be it.
I'm so glad I took my first chance on a whole series all together (which I've never done before) and so glad the Brooks Brothers came in to my life.

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