[Review] Cutter by Stacy Borel

Did somebody say baby?

Macie Rosewood was a firecracker, in and out of the bedroom. She lived her life according to her own rules and high standards. When she caught the attention from one of the most eligible Brooks brothers two years ago, Macie had found real love.

Dodger Brooks was the sensible brother that played hard and loved even harder. When Macie walked into his life, he found what he'd been looking for. After fear drove her away, Dodger wasn't one to give up so easily.

But what happens when sexual tension was too hard to resist, and Macie is left with more than just a hangover after her best friend's wedding?

What lengths are Dodger and Macie willing to go through in order to make a relationship work?

And what happens when another woman is hell-bent on splitting them apart?

So Third book in the series and second book of 2018. I feel like I need to treat myself for this! I'm actually sticking to a yearly plan so far!
Anyway, Dodger is the original and first Brooks brother we meet in the series and I expected the book to be more... something, just like Bender and Camden. That being said it had more something than Turner and Slider.
Dodger and Macie have a history and they're constantly fighting over their love I guess. Macie wanting it to not be real and Dodger wanting it to be. I guess that's the only reason for it. Until Dana flashes her ugly head.
So I never knew up until that book that Macie and Dodger had been sleeping together in fact, the impression I got from previous was that Dodger was holding out and the wedding was the first and fateful time.
Secondly. When did Macie become a nurse? I don't remember it being part of the books. Nor Macie, Anabelle and Keegen working near each other. I knew Anabelle and Keegen did but never Macie.

Apart from that, I really enjoyed the book- honestly. I liked Dodger from the start and I'm really hoping that in Shutout we get to see the boys all together because I missed them being together in this book... 
I'm hoping that Shutout doesn't let me down now so I can see the Brooks brothers all getting their s**t together with women.

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