[Review] Mistake No7 by Laura P Avery

I have a history of making mistakes with men – #married, #bad boy, #narcissist … you get the idea
In fact, mistake no.6 just dumped me, and boy, do I need a break from men. My best friend won’t have it though, she knows “the sweetest guy” for me… no thanks!
You see, I like my men with an edge, and sweet won’t cut it. Take my history professor Rick Carter for example, he’s not your typical professor. He’s smoking hot, and when I’m at his lectures… well, let’s just say English lit is the last thing on my mind, #squirming in seat.
Of course, he’s just a fantasy, a dirty little daydream, I mean I’m 21 and he’s at least 32 and we move in different circles, in fact, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know I exist.
There’s no way he could ever turn out to be mistake no.7… is there?

💙 Copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 💙

Another all nighter!
I really liked the ease of the novel.
Everything sailed and there wasn't any major drama which made the book.
Rebecca is a student.
Rick Carter a professor.
The both notice the other even when one shouldn't be looking (but they're both of legal age.)
So when both their needs cross paths (one wants a maid, one needs money) it's the perfect environment off of campus that means they can admire closely rather than from a far.
I wanted to clap when they did that too.
Now can I point out that Rick made an obvious scene 5 months before the end of the novel. So how they managed to get away with that said scene I don't know for the remainder of it I don't know! He was also a little cringy with some of his lines too...
But all in all it was an amazing book I didn't put down until 3am.
I love forbidden romances far too much for my own good.

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