[Review] Drawing Lessons by Julia Gabriel

When you're enrolled in the school of hard knocks ...

Marie Witherspoon can't catch a break. She's been dumped by her husband—a rising political star in Washington, DC—and humiliated by his gossip blogger mistress. Just when she's picked herself up and dusted herself off, her ex changes his mind and calls off the divorce.

Falling in love with your teacher can't possibly make things any worse.

There's just one hitch. Marie has rekindled an old hobby and her relationship with her new drawing teacher, French artist Luc Marchand, is way past the point of no return. With her heart on the line, she's prepared to do anything to keep from returning to her old life.

Or can it?

It's been twelve long years since Luc Marchand's life was shattered by a former student. Forced out of academia, he's walled off his heart and his career. Now he has a chance to revive both—if his past doesn't destroy everything for Luc and Marie.

**Received in exchange for an honest review**
I've had this book for, forever. I started reading it the other night and I classed it as finished last night.
BUT! I've decided to make another collection for such books like this.
You see, It's not that the book was badly written or anything but it lacked that something that would normally grab me and suck me in.
I got as far as Marie and Luc heading back to the wall where he kissed her and gave in.
Marie is a soon to be devorcee of a congress man who's got a mistress he intends to marry.
She's taking drawing lessons after her friend treated her with a gift, and Luc is the teacher. I can hear his french accent in my head even though every accent I 'hear' reading is the same american voice... for some reason.
I'm going to pop it in the TBC'ontinued' file for a later date. I may pick it back up


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