[Review] Ch05En by William Dickstein

Frank is a twenty-something with a dream of delivering pizzas all of his life. Unfortunately for him, his parents have other plans. Frank's father wants him to take over their family's pizzeria and his mother wants to see his Ch05En gene, which destines him for greatness, come to fruition, so she may use him in one of her super villainous plots.

🌟 Copy received in exchange for an honest review. 🌟 

Ch05En: Episode 1 is the first 3 chapters of the Ch05En journey, following Frankie as he's being raised in the pizza business by his father, and pushed/almost killed by his evil (she's got the gene) mother as she tries to push the gene to activiate.
In the 3 chapters we meet that characters, get a little bit of insight of his life and at the end I believe the gene actually does activate and luckily his isn't evil like his mothers.
Normally, not my genre.
But it was interesting. The book was well written, but I do think it's was missing something that made that characters real... other than the science-y stuff and superhero qualities.
The only one that seemed to have 'life' was Brass Man? I think that's his name or Scott.
I don't think I'll continue the series but if it's something that's in your genre, deffinately give it a shot!

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