[Review] Imperfections by Shaniel Watson

Who knew falling in love with my best friend had the potential to single-handedly destroy my entire family?

For as long as I could remember I've been in love with sexy, lawyer extraordinaire Nicholas Alexander. We always had a certain chemistry growing up. Especially after we shared one passionate, forbidden, perfect kiss as teenagers. For years I hoped he could look past my overprotective brothers and our age difference so we could be more than friends, I was wrong. Four years ago I left New York and my heart behind. Now I'm back to stake a claim on the only man I've ever loved. But unbeknownst to me, things are way more complicated than I could imagine when I learn he's engaged, to my sister.

Will the love and desire I feel for the one man I've ever truly wanted destroy me? Am I willing to risk it all, for a chance at everlasting love?

Catherine Reed is the one woman I couldn't have but the one I always wanted. She was my best friend’s baby sister which means she was definitely off limits to me and anyone else if I had my way. Not even having a merry-go-round of beautiful girls could stop me from wanting her. Watching her leave was hard but I knew giving in to what I wanted back then would ruin her...us. All I've ever wanted was for her to be happy and to see her beautiful smile.

I haven't gotten to where I am by always doing what's right. She's Back. I want Her. I have every intention of making her Mine.

** Book gifted in exchange for an honest review.**
Not even opened the damn book and already clapping at the synopsis. Think I'm going to enjoy this one :)
So I started the book with high hopes... but about half way they started faltering.
The love triangle drags quite a bit for my liking and ended up skipping chapters to get to the conclusion of 2 parts (If Nick is the dad and how the family take the whole Nick/Cat thing)
 I mean it wasn't all bad, when Kate went through her hell, I was tearing up for her but it's a shame there's so much between the parts you need to know that makes it all seem... pointless. Maybe I missed quite a few ding dong moments by skipping, but I just couldn't do it.
Basically, Nick got Kate pregnant from a 1 night stand. Cat shows up back at home after 4 years and Nick and Cat reignite theor spark, but Kate is Cat's sister...
Kate blurts out that she and Nick are engaged which isn't true and you get a sense of entrapment.
In my eyes it's an okay book.


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