[Review] Bittersweet by Noelle Adams


Love is the last thing on Zoe’s mind. Widowed at only twenty-six, she’s just trying to get through one lonely day at a time as she grieves her late husband, and finds the energy to take care of her infant son.

As Zoe bravely tries to hold herself together, her husband’s cousin and business partner, Adam, offers his support and friendship. Shattered by her loss, Zoe is distant and resentful at first, but Adam gently persists, and Zoe’s reserve soon begins to crumble . . .

Adam knows that Zoe needs time to heal but finds himself more and more attracted to her. He knows he must not act on these forbidden feelings, but they just won’t go away . . .

Noelle Adams’s Bittersweet is a poignant, fearless exploration of friendship, loss, new beginnings, and the healing power of love.

 **Book gifted in exchange for an honest review**
Thank God I didn't have work this morning! It may have been a 2am finish...
I don't think I've read any other books by Noelle Adams and as a first this one was pretty good.
I liked the plot and the characters but nothing was overly in depth.
After the death of her husband, Zoe is broken but she has their son to consider and even though I know I'm not a parent myself... your kids are the one thing that help/make you wake up in a morning.
Logan is adorable too.
The book travels from 5 years previously when she first met Adam, and then Josh. To the day of Josh's funeral when Adam comes back in to their lives with a bit more oomph.
You feel everything that Zoe feels as she breaks over everything after the death of a loved one but you also feel the attraction to Adam and completely understand why it takes so long and why it's so complicated. It's not one of those, bang their heads together things. 
I couldn't put the book down. It was a lovely read that didn't make your head hurt, nor was it too complicated to follow with a thousand twists and turns.
Certainly one to pick up on a glum day.


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