[Review] Siren by Hannah West

The day Inara learns that she's a monster, is the day the hunters come.
They want her dead.
She doesn't understand the hatred. She never asked for the monstrous gifts that she was born with.
Aaron, a skilled assassin is determined to end her life. The only place for monsters is the kiss of his blade.
But fate will place Inara's survival on him.
In a land of Gods and mortals, two enemies will question their goals.
Survive together, or kill alone.

You know when you have plans in your 'real life' and you regret saying, "yes," because it means you have to go out rather than stop in, relaxing with a book.
Yes, I know, Rock 'n' Roll!
Literally couldn't put Siren down once I had the book opened.
Inara is out visiting, celebrating her seventeenth birthday when a car accident changes her plans and her life in more ways than you could imagine.
It's normally -in a book, that it's bad enough you lose your whole family in the accident. Normally that's enough to send a character over some kind of edge, but for Inara... it isn't.
Stalking/hunting, finding out your life is and lie and then to top it off your half Siren and half something else making you so far from human it's unreal!
But Inara has human traits and that saves her life after Aaron, a warrior is sent to kill Inara and winds up falling in love ♥ 
Siren Burn is  on my pre-order list currently because I can't wait to see where this goes and how everyone reacts to the fight continuing in the hunt for Inara by her mother and sister.
 Canna wait until November!!



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