[Review] Secret Crush by Victoria Pinder

Billionaire's second son John Morgan comes home to his father's funeral. He joined the FBI to prove his father caused his sister’s death, but now he needs to find out who he is and what’s left of his family that he can trust.

Alice Collins grew up on a farm, but she was best friends with Victoria Morgan before she died. She decides to go to the Morgan family's funeral to pay her respects.

Surprises ensue as they usually do for the Morgans at the funeral. Alice gets caught in the cross fire of family drama and intrigue and it’s John’s duty to protect her. While they reconnect, feelings surface. But can a farm girl truly ever capture the heart of a billionaire? Could their love be real? Or is this all just a fantasy while she’s involved with one Morgan plot after another?

** Received book in exchange for an honest review**

Victoria kindly gifted me Secret Crush in exchange for an honest review. It's the first book I've read by Victoria and I'm glad she gave me the opportunity to delve in to her books and fictional world.
I think it's standard that most books have the 'lucky' character and the 'simple' character. I have them too so I don't want it to sound like I think it's wrong... just stating that that's what we have.
John Morgan is the lucky one. He's middle child to the Morgan heir (They're rich & powerful) and also the rebelous one. Peter the eldest seems to have turned in to their father and Vicki, the youngest is dead.
John joins the FBI to arrest his father because he believes he had something to do with her death.
After the death of his father, Johns world changes in strange ways.
Alice Collins is our simple. I like her. Family orientated and works hard. I can relate to her a bit when it comes to putting family first instead of herself.
Alice has had a crush since high school and being at Johns fathers funeral means that her crush comes rushing back.
Their relationship has no other choice but to blossom after the circumstances of someone threatening Alice's life.
I don't think i've read since May but this book has seriously perked me back up. I just hope I manage to keep up with the reading bug.
The follow up is Secret Baby which I don't have a copy of yet because at the time Victorias offer went out, I wasn't reading at all so it would be wrong to ask for things when I knew I couldn't specify a date for it being read. I was meant to read this one for September and failed. The story is at the right pace. You're not waiting weeks for the next 'hit' or steamy scene - they happen enough without overdoing it. Nothing was awkard and I didn't skip. In fact the only errors i found were due to editing but I got the book before it was released so I'm bound to get that and I repect that. 
Truly is a lovely story!


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