[Review] Secret Baby by Victoria Pinder

Drama seems to follow Victoria Morgan everywhere, but she’s determined to mend her past and reclaim what was so cruelly taken from her.

Colt Collins moved on after the affair that left him heartbroken. After finding the child he bore with his ex, and serving in the US Marines, he builds a new life with his daughter on the family farm. Now, set to marry a woman he knows he can trust, he comes face-to-face with the love that abandoned him and their daughter many years ago.

When Victoria returns to town to attend her father’s funeral, the truth about what happened to her daughter is revealed, leaving Victoria willing to do anything to be in her child’s life again, even if that brings her face-to-face with the man she hurt so long ago.

Is there forgiveness after all the lies, pain, and betrayal? Can the love Colt and Victoria once shared be rekindled? Will this family torn apart by a cruel act be reunited?

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As soon as I finished Secret Crush I knew I had to have Secret Baby. I instantly contacted Victoria and asked if it was possible and thank my lucky stars she said YES!
In this installment we follow Vicki - The come back from the dead Morgan and instantly in the first chapter we find our story... Vicki has a daughter.
She rushes to Alice's and Johns and comes face to face with the daughter she thought had died, Clara and the love of her teen life, Colt.
Thankfully Colt is the amazing guy he is and allows Vicki to explain her side of the story and also ease her in to her daughters life.
Things are going brilliantly until his fiancee, Belle shows up. Regardless of her attitude and me not liking her I do feel bad that she had to go through the events of seeing and knowing his childhood sweetheart is back and then he calls their wedding off. But I assume everything happens for a reason.
One thing I dreaded was that massive, dramatic, climactic event. These three didn't need that and luckily other than a minor, public event, nothing comes between them that can't be sorted and discussed like adults.
It says a lot too when I give myself a week to read a book and I finished 47% on the final night so it only took me 3 days... Had me hooked! Roll on Secret Bet.

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