[Review] A Stroke of Luck by Desiree DeOrto

When you work in an all-night diner, you never know who will walk in the door.

Katie Jones doesn't believe in love at first sight. After divorcing her abusive husband, she doesn't believe in love at all. But when Jacob Richmond walked into Bud's Diner, her disbelief was put to the test.

Jacob came to Kansas to find inspiration. He was searching for the subject that would be the muse for his next masterpiece. He wasn't expecting to find himself completely consumed by a waitress who had more baggage than he thought possible.

When love at first sight just doesn't cut it, your burning desire can't be controlled. Sometimes you need just a little luck to put it all together.

He was searching for inspiration....
She was searching for an escape...
But with a Stroke Of Luck, anything can happen.


**Received book in exchange for an honest review **

ASOL has been on my kindle so long i'm surprised that it hasn't deleted itself! no reflection on the book, just my inability to stick to a reading plan!
This story is the last book i read/finished while on vacation and it was a lovely little read to keep me occupied.
Katie works in a diner and has her issues thanks to an ex. One night a handsome Jacob walks in and they're both drooling...
Jacob is an artist, looking for his muse while running away from his own past (and wife) For some reason, he asks Katie to be his model not expecting her to say yes.
Painting is the last thing on his mind though and these two have explosive sex and a fair amount of it in the short time.
They're quickly falling and it's always at that point the venomous ex shows it's ugly head and in this case the ex-wife.
Everything is shattered and all I wanted to do was hug Katie... so I hugged my kindle instead. Nothing worse in life than finding out the lies.
As any human does, Katie shuts out Jacob and her feelings plastering on that bright smile that fools no one.
But for once I was rooting for these two, lies aside they both had unpleasant pasts and it wasn't like Jacob was lying because he was still married. Technically yes he was, but he was trying to make her divorce him.
It's a beautiful heartfelt story about love and second chances. When you feel like you're broken, someone is always around the corner waiting for their chance to help you pick the pieces back up.

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