[Review] Third Party Babe Rules by Andrew Bushard

18+ Angela is an Emirati American who lives to advance political third parties. She especially loves the party she founded, the Vision Revolution Party. She happens to meet a stud named Jack, who consequently despises third parties. Angela and Jack agree to face off in a formal political debate. The stakes are high: The loser will have to sexually submit to the winner. You won't want to pass up this novella

*Book received in exchange for an honest review*
I like to think that i'm open minded and I don't get too offended by anything however this book proved me wrong.
After reading the synopsis I thought the book held a story... I was wrong. It's very much like listening to a sterotypical movie, airhead rambling on.
Not only that, they refer (the 2 BFFS) as babes. Like, what kind of woman can confidently say they're good looking and mean it? And even if they can, they'd surly go for something a bit bloody nicer than babe!
The point I knew it wasn't for me was maybe in the first few pages and a line that went something like, "my favorite part of my body is my c**t"

Like, seriously? No woman thinks that! to my knowledge anyway.

After that, I closed it and moved on to the next book. This may be soemthing someone else likes, but it's just not for me. I prefer books to have a little more respect for females than believing they're all airheads who think about finding a man they can bang because, you know, she's a nymph.... but a virgin at the same time but maybe she just likes masturbating her fabulous c**t....

Lost for words.

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