[Review] Traces of Me by Tracy Kiss

As April approaches her thirtieth birthday she finally meets the love of her life but it comes at a cost; an artisanal and honest open-hearted tongue-in-cheek account of finding true love in a world now overruled by beauty, social media and selfies.

From ugly duckling to elegant swan infused with orgasms, arguments and endearment; this is a journey to captivate and consume.

** Book received in exchange for an honest review **

April, an 'ugly duckling' according to society. Plain, boring and easily ignored. We start off on her date with Shaun, a seemingly nice guy who treats her to a gorgeous 30th birthday present and seems to take care of her.
All of Aprils life, she has been in the shadows. Bullied and hid away from her own shadow, but Shaun ignites something in her that makes her want to make him proud. She does things that she's never done before like caring for herself: revamping her hair, scouring blogs to learn how to apply make-up and then she goes for the almighty boob job. Almighty in the sense that they have an argument in a cafe over the fact she's changing and he doesn't like it.
Then Jay comes along, the good looking and knows it guy and i'll admit that I didn't think that that would be more than a one-night stand... but I was wrong. Not because he's good looking or anything, but because that's MY perception on things. 
I live in April's shoes and for the first time ever while reading a book I actually connected with the MC. 
Plain, boring and nothing to offer the world (in her head) I myself would never believe that such a guy would fall for plain Jane under all the make-up, because make-up at the end of the day is only a mask, hiding your true self.
I can't even begin to tell you how crap I felt while reading this book to start with - not because the story is rubbish but because everything she's gone through and what she's feeling struck a cord within my own heart and head that made me cry after chapter eleven.
Yes, I understand that Shaun wasn't happy with the person she was becoming but at the same time April can't live her life miserable. A strong believer of 'creating yourself' I am.
Hell, I've even got a beauty blog/lifestyle blog myself after watching countless videos I thought, why not? It was my way of growing into the person I am personally these days. Things happen in life for a reason and sometimes when I speak to people about my breakup with my ex of 8 years (we've been apart nearly 2) they wonder how I can still speak to him, but I look at it and think, if it wasn't for all that I wouldn't have started reading, writing books or  blogging. I would probably have a kid and be hating the fact that I never found myself. Not that I'd hate having a child but in order for you to be loved, you have to love yourself and I don't think I would have. I'm sorry if that last part offended anyone I just want to clarify that if I had a child with my ex, I wouldn't hate the child!!!

I finished reading it tonight (Friday) and took from the book that life goes on and happiness will happen more than likely in a strange and wonderful way. It may not be perfect at first and you will have your problems but you'll get there. Tonight I decided that it would be the start of a new me. I want to evolve like April and love my life and my body.

Love isn't instant and when you know you'll know - even if it means you have to hear heart tearing words (like Shaun spouted) to realize that what you had is nothing compared to what you have.

If like me you feel like an ugly duckling or your ex(s) hurt you so bad through words or actions then I'd def recommend this book. You may have times where you think little of yourself because it will feel like 'hearng the words' confirms it but by the end you will realise a lot more and if you're like me will want to take the positives from the book and do some self creating. I'm looking forward to tomorrow for the first time in a long time and I can't wait for it to start - okay, that's OTT, my alarm is set for 4:30, I can wait for that!

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