[Review] Chased Dreams by Lacey Weatherford & Chase Walden

Dreams of the future, dreams of love and happiness, dreams of being able to move on and get past the heartache that still resides in his soul, Chase Walker believes things are finally starting to look up.

But are they really?

When Chase suffers a devastating injury on the football field, his life is thrown into a tailspin once again. Feeling like he’s lost his identity, he struggles with keeping his relationship with Brittney from falling apart, while also trying to find out who he really is inside. 

But when dreams from the past resurface, causing old feelings to rise anew and clash with the life he’s living now, Chase is left to wonder if all he has is Chased Dreams.

**Chased Dreams, sequel to #1 bestsellers Chasing Nikki and Finding Chase. Coming 2013 from Lacey Weatherford and Chase Walden.**
I have been looking forward to this book for ages, and made sure it on of my first reads from my kindle column. 
I remember starting this series, Chasing Nikki popped up on my recommended list all the time and for some reason I brushed it off. 
One day I gave in and purchased it... Chasing Nikki became the book that I referred to as, 'the book that made me cry like a bitch', book. I swiftly followed this on with Finding Chase and felt that he'd got his happy ever after, so the fact that there was/is a book three was a surprise, however I needed to read it to see what else could happen to this poor guy. I just hope that he still gets his HEA.

04.17.2015 - 14%
Huh! one it seems that more bad luck can follow and two, is he now looking for it? I'm not saying Selena is bad luck or whatever but he's been married three months (in reality though, good going) and he's starting a little 'thing' with someone who reminds him of Nikki? Yes, I know you never get over losing someone you love but b'Jesus, dark hair and same perfume is not a reason to chase someone because of your lost love.
I may be looking far into that, however the dark haired girl on the cover doesn't fill me with confidence and i'm pretty sure at the end of Finding Chase, he and Brit had a baby girl, called Nikki.... huh-again!
Needless to say I'm seeing this one through, Im confused (more than usual).

04.17.2015 - 36%
May have jumped the gun and assumed! 
Okay, so, so far Chase isn't straying or getting obsessed by someone that reminds him of Nikki. But i would like to give him a clip around the ear hole for being so hot headed! Men! real and fictional can drive you barmy!!

04.22.2015 - 54%

I can't remember much about Chase and Brit getting together but I remember some about him and Nikki... because she seems to have consumed him in love a lot more. I know he says he loves Brit but i'm not feeling it and i'm biting my nails over the fact that we now have a baby on the way. During the series he's lost 3 major loves of his. Nikki, football and now his Granddad which I have to admit made me teary because you knew regardless how much he loved him. I am intrigued about his dreams and his headaches though... they're very... strange.

04.23.2015 - 68%

WTF just happened! I just can't... I don't know... I didn't expect that twist, however it makes sense, I just don't know how I feel about it... It was a dream? I cried physical tears over Nikki's death and his grandpa's. Real life hurt and now i'm being told that it was a dream, a parralell universe that Chase created because it was HIM in the crash and not Nikki? Seriously WTF!
Is it bad though, that I'm happy that Nikki isn't dead and that those two can try and have a life tgether, the one he wanted and the one I actually hated him not having? I said somewhere that his relationship with Britt wasn't as loving as his and Nikki's, secretly in my own head wishing that I could go back in time to re-read the book with another ending because those 2 seemed to be better matched...
If it wasn't for me being at work early and the fact I feel really ill, I'd have finished this book, but instead I have to put it down! I can't wait to finish this... completely captivated me and got me seriously confused... If this happened or happens in real life to someone I'd hate to think how they felt and got over it... I can't cope and i'm just reading about it.

04. 24. 2015 - 100%
Awwwww! He still got his HAE!!
I'm just... awww! t the moment about it, I can't believe what happened, happened and yay!

Overall Review

I was so scared after reading a few reviews that this book would ruin what was a great series and I was also confused about how the authors could continue when life seemed so to at its best for Chase.
However, this book made me fall in love with the series even more and even as a reader gave me the outcome to his life that he wanted. No, he didn't have football but he had something that means more to everyone. Love.
I want to scream about the twist so badly but I just can't because I think it would ruin it for other readers but I do want to say, don't give up on these books no matter what other people say.
An amazing end for this series and if I could give it more than 5 geek glasses I would because as a whole series, these books were at least a 10.