[Review] One Last Song by S. K. Falls

I was seven when I swallowed my first needle.

My mom freaked out and rushed me to the emergency room.

She stayed by my side all night.

I never wanted it to end.

When you spend your whole life feeling invisible-when your parents care more about deals and deadlines than they do about you-you find ways of making people take notice. Little things at first. Then bigger. It's scary how fast it grows. Then one day something happens that makes you want to stop. To get better. To be better. And for the first time, you understand what it's like to feel whole, happy . . . loved. For the first time, you love someone back.

For me, that someone was Drew.

** ARC provided by Netgallery in exchange for an honest review **

I had never heard of Munchhausen's before. Ever.
I learnt about the condition in the book and I use that as lesson 1
Lesson 2 was realizing that I've taken life for granted. 
(irrelevant personal blah) For the last 3 years, I've smoked. Not like 20 a day but maybe a week. Boredom, mainly. but after reading this book, I've taken it upon myself to quit!
Why? because this book made me realize that many humans turn a blind eye to the problems we cause ourselves in life. Our own choices can sometimes result into conditions that can prove fatal to us and those around us.
That's how much I felt for the TIDD group. These (although fictional) were handed a bad card and were living out their final time on earth.
When the book ended I literally no, no, no, no, no, no'd for quite some time. pressing the kindle to see if I could make any more of Drew and Saylor's story appear but it didn't.
I was also hoping for a miracle that would save the group, esp Drew, I wanted those two to have a long and happy life but no.
*it's hard to write this review*
All I want to say is that the book was amazing and an eyeopener, also educational in to the world of people who suffer from AIDS, Cancer, FA and Munchhausens.
4 different worlds brought together on a lie which the book seems to be a web of and once it all came out, as a reader I sighed.

Deffinately a book to be added to your TBR list!