[Review] We only have 'til dawn by Dani Lovell

Something to treat her fans over the Christmas/New Years break!
Dani Lovell has gifted us with a short story that has nothing to do with the Sexy series, but leaves your cheeks just as flushed.
I saw the post in the early hours this morning and then, like a spanner, forgot all about it! Until I got to work and my fellow book geek reminded me! (thank God)
I was straight on Amazon and downloading it. I wasn't planning on starting it until I'd read through some of my ARC's and was planning it on adding it to my 'own' column so that I could make it a priority BUT i got a text off said fellow book geek telling me she'd had a bath and finished it, "it was brill" so, by the time i'd finished playing my game on my Kindle, it had downloaded and I was about to add it to my unread collection when I thought, bugger it and my current book (because I hate reading something else while reading another book) and clicked on it....
1 hour later i'm returning my friends text with ... "I need to go out tonight!"
I'm not.. seeing as it's gone 7:30pm and i'm still in slobby clothing yay!
Jaime - like me - had no plans to go out and was set for slumming it in front of the T.V. eating her peanut M&M's.
However, Jaime's friends have other plans and regardless of her work plans on New Years Day, they persuade her to join them and see in 2014. (I want to add that i'm impressed she got changed so quickly!) 20 min later she's in the car and parking up outside the pub where her friends are waiting. She squeezes through the crowd to the bar and *BAM!*
Mr. Sexy Australian, Jake pulls her up... to the bar where he's serving!
After she grabs her free drinks she sets off looking for her friends... and after 3 laps... Jake points out that she may have her swans mixed up... because you can't miss 20 people!
Rather than leave though, Jake manages to persuade Jaime to stay.... see in the new year.... and have a little one on one time once the bar has closed and everyone has left.
Jake seems to control her but in a good way.
If his fiery kisses down make your cheeks flush or the body shots... his hands will... on the bar....

I was tempted to go outside and melt some snow!

It was an amazing, quick and easy read that only left me wanting more from Dani! she is an amazing author and have NEVER EVER EVER been dissapointed!

Happy New Year!