[Review] Wilde Times by Savannah Young

WILDE TIMES is the fourth and final novel in the spicy contemporary romance series about four sexy brothers, their small-town bar and their local country band.

In high school, Jake Wilde was the star football player, who led his team to win the state championship. Now ten years later he’s the manger of his family’s bar, Haymakers,  but the residents of rural Old Town still talk about his glory days in high school.

Harley Davis was always the girl-next-door…literally. Her family was neighbors with the Wilde family and the Wilde boys treated her like the little sister they never had. But Harley spent her adolescence dreaming that she’d one day be Jake Wilde’s girl.

She never anticipated that she’d be one of the many girls Jake sleeps with. It breaks Harley’s heart a little bit more every time Jake hooks up with someone other than her, which happens on a regular basis.

How much longer will Harley believe that having even a small piece of Jake is better than having no Jake at all.
The final book in the series... Noooo!
Jake's story. The eldest Wilde boy.
Known for his 'bedroom' antics, and by bedroom, I mean the back office at Haymakers.
Savannah has saved the best for last and as I read the first three I didn't think i'd be into the Jake story because well, he's your typical (at least for me) male and I've been around them enough. Complete asses!
Harley is one of those women that grows on you and although I was mentally intimidated by her, I was fighting her corner soooo much. I wanted to high five her for the way she dealt with Jake and Max. Love her!
Jake has spent the whole time they've been 'together' trying to push his love for her and her away. He believes she can do better and has more going for her than a bar in Old Town. He sleeps with nameless women that look like Harley to force her away and never succeeds. Harley has been adamant on taking the small pieces she gets from Jake as something that's better than none of him and hoping that he'll return her love.
The final nail in the coffin for that relationship is when he sleeps with her engaged nemesis knowing Harley will find out. He wants it to the breaking point for Harley and the reason she lives her life outside the town.
It works... partly.
She no longer looks at him the same way. She hates him and is beginning to date Max or Beach Boy.
It's at that point Jake realizes that he's breaking both their hearts.
After help from his brothers... he cooks up a plan to win her back...


Love this book! I need more Harley & Jake!

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