[Review] Gene. Sys. by Aaron Denius Garcia

The world is supposed to end in about a year. For Atom, that means his quest is about to begin.

Genetically engineered by the scientists that will be setting off a nuclear apocalypse, Atom and eleven other Genetic Systems were created to restart humanity. When an outside attack expedites the plans for the extermination, Atom must find the courage and strength to lead himself and the other Genesys to survival.


** Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review ** 

When I picked up this copy, I was worried.
It isn't something I'd normally grab but the synopsis had my curiosity piqued...
I adored this novel and I'm so disappointed it ended and I honestly, hand on heart, hope that there is a follow up because I want to see how the Gensys get on after the end of the world. And I am hugely disappointed that 80 wasn't saved... had a soft spot for that drone!
Just like in today's world, human nature has ruined the earth as we know it. between wars and god knows what else... the earth isn't that great. So, Rene and a group of scientists made a plan to end the world and start again. (I'm still unsure who made him God, might I add.) They have genetically created 12 Gensys that are above and beyond any human being and they are trained in how to survive in combat along with everything else that needs to be known in order for the earth to be as diverse as it is now...
What came as a twist was though, that the scientists, outsiders and drones are planning to stop his plan - the Mutineers.
I couldn't put this book gown it honestly captivated me and hooked me in a way that I didn't think it would or could. I am so glad that I was offered this opportunity to read it.
Now please tell me there will be a book 2!

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