[Review] A Wilde Night by Savannah Young

he’s an award-winning winning actress and he’s an average guy just trying to get by…

Fresh out of police officer training, newbie cop, Hunter Wilde, takes an off-duty gig working special events at the Tawnee Mountain Resort to earn a little extra cash to supplement his public servant’s salary.

Katie Lawrence is Hollywood’s hottest sweetheart. With her second Oscar win before the age of twenty-five she’s all Tinseltown is talking about.

When Katie attends a wedding at the Tawnee Mountain Resort with the notorious bad-boy Olympic gold snowboarder, Devon Black, he’s more interested in bedding the bridesmaids than he is in being with Katie.

So Katie tries to find solace in the personal security guard assigned to her by the resort…the reluctant Hunter Wilde. He’s not impressed with Katie’s stardom and he definitely doesn’t want to get involved with a drama queen…but Katie manages to steal his heart when he least expects it. 

A WILDE ONE is the third book in the OLD TOWN COUNTRY ROMANCE series. It can be read as a STAND ALONE NOVEL or as part of the SERIES.
** This book was provided by author in exchange for an honest review **

The Wilde men deff "Fall fast and Fall Hard!" 

In a couple of chapters Hunter has goes from thinking of Katie Lawrence (I'm picturing Jennifer Lawrence) is a stuck up Princess to falling for her.

But in the stories defense, It's great that he falls for Kat from P-Burg and not the movie star.

Katie is, as I have mentioned a movie star. America's sweetheart. She's at Tawnee mountain as a wedding guest for her 'boyfriends' brothers wedding. The boyfriend being a hot snowboarder that also likes sliding into anything with a pulse. At the wedding Katie gets a lot of attention and they recruit one of the security guards to be her bodyguard... enter Hunter.

He's not one to be easily impressed by her career and Katie likes that about him, and also the way the tension heats between them as for the time being in her hotel room, she's Kat and not Katie.

Before the end of the night, they kiss which came out of the blue to me. One moment Hunter is backing away from her advances and the next, he's placing a tender kiss on her head while she sleeps.

Kat wants nothing more than to just be herself for a while and between them both, they manage to arrange a date where he'll take her to his house so she can relax from the fear of the paparazzi. This soon winds up with her heading to Haymakers where she waits the tables. For one whole day she gets to live as herself and not someone else.

Obviously, this has to come to a crashing halt when she has to head back to LA, but I really hoped they'd find some way to be together, and yet couldn't see any obvious solutions to their dilemma...
These two seem to have an instant and loving connection that baffles me. Not in a bad way. I just don't understand how they knew instantly... However, I love that Hunter is a beaver! It is so rare in this day and age to find that sort of person, In fact, i'm pretty sure they're extint.
Can't wait to get to The Wilde One!

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