[Review] Splitting Karma by LaShanta Charles

Taylor Williams didn t grow up with the loving parents, white picket fence, and a dog. She s struggled to get where she is and knows that with all she's endured, life can only get better. At 28 years old, she hails as one of the country s top divorce lawyers and is ready to slow down and start a family with her husband. The only problem is he shuts her out and has treated her like everything but a wife since the night he came across her and his boss in a compromising situation. In spite of her innocence, she's determined to make it up to him. 

Isaac Warren is bad business; the kind of bad business that requires focus and determination in order to stay alive. It s also the kind that caused him to shut himself off from serious relationships after the brutal murder of his fiancĂ© three years ago. Now his cold exterior keeps him at bay from everyone except those he considers family and right now that list doesn t have room for anything more than the occasional tryst and nothing more, especially not with the highly acclaimed lawyer he s accidentally stumbled upon. 

When their paths cross, the attraction is undeniable no matter how much they try to fight it. It s their fighting it that causes the most problems. Their denial of each other pushes Taylor into devastating situations and as the life she worked so hard to achieve spirals out of control, she decides to take matters into her own hands because it's impossible that the hand she s been dealt is meant to be played alone.

25.0%"liking it, but it's spinning me out."10/26
64.0%"can't stop reading!"10/26
76.0%"how much can happen in one book?.. addictive"
** The ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review **
*sits and ponders*
This book has me torn and confused.
The synopsis caught my attention from the moment I read the synopsis... the story however, had me.... baffled.
When Blake's P.O.V came into play... I had to re-read a lot the parts. Was Blake male of female? I went for male considering he was talking to a woman... and debating over the fact that he couldn't offer her a relationship because of his feelings for Taylor - a woman - BUT then there is mention of a husband? did I read that right?
THEN!! Blake confronts Aaron, Taylor's husband about her vanishing... Immediately, I'm thinking he's got balls to be so protective over someone else's wife... only to discover Blake is a woman *mind blown*
There were a lot of errors and I'd definitely recommend a editor and a beta to look through this. I know it's hard to write a book, but you have to get fresh eyes to look and read through your work! it would iron out a lot of the confusion to make this book more enjoyable!
The basis of the plot is great I loved all the angles that seemed to come into it and felt sorry for Taylor! However, what she tried to do to Bryan and Aaron was wrong... pretty sure illegal but the law doesn't seem to pop into the story at all... which is strange considering all the murders and disappearance's... no one cares about anyone and just accepts they've vanished!
I didn't feel any love between Izza and Taylor, just a lot of controlling... and felt like, by the end, nothing had been accomplished other than, Taylor had sorted her life out... in a fashion... but Blake certainly left the story wide open.
I liked it, but.... there is room for improvement.

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