[Review] Lights Out by Melissa Groeling

Even when the lights are out, he can still see you…
Paul Holten’s profession doesn’t leave much room for doubt or conscience but he’s reaching his breaking point. The nightmares are getting worse, the jobs are getting harder to finish and the volatile relationship with his boss, Aaron, is falling apart. Now faced with the possibility of an impending death sentence, Paul makes the fatal decision to run. Drawn into one hellish situation after another, he’s forced to confront his dark past---and wonder if perhaps dying isn’t the better option.

** The copy was provided by the author in order to receive an honest review **

This story isn't one that I'd normally pick up. I'll admit i'm a romance girl.There's a lot of action crammed into all the chapters and there isn't moment that doesn't grab your attention.
Aimed around violence and child prostitution this won't be something for everyone however it is and eye opened into a dark world that one can hope doesn't exist, never has, never will.
One thing that I keep thinking about is the fact that this book makes you realize how much human beings can and will do to others. Yes this is a novel but I wouldn't put it past someone somewhere to have done the things described, the heart on the door is something that is stuck in my mind...
If you're looking for a chilling read, definitely read this... This book would be perfect for a cold, winter, stormy night. You a hot chocolate a roaring fire and a cozy blanket... just make sure you're not jumpy or easily scared (as in you'll have the book roaming your head for nights and every noise becomes suspicious.)

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