[Review] Sweet Temptations: The Babysitter by Dark Inferno


Richard Martin had spent his life trying to be a good man, ever noble and honest . He loved his wife, with a passion, and had never strayed from his vows. However, the bonds of marriage and family are such savoury things for a man with a sweet tooth and for the first time, his eyes were straying towards their babysitter. Young and beautiful, Rebecca was a vision of temptation, and never was anything so sweet as the forbidden fruits of temptation...

This is the first volume in Dark Inferno's sizzling new series Sweet Temptations.

** This novella was supplied by the author in order to get an honest review **

This is an erotic novella, not intended for under 18's

I have a complaint... that it was a novella.
I wanted more story.
The main scene in the book got me flushed and was written perfectly.

Richard Martin was just your average guy. Goes to work, goes home to his wife and child but on this particular night he was needed to help out 'The babysitter." 
He certainly helped her out.

I even felt bad that he had to leave straight away, although i completely understand it. F.Y.I. i hate cheating... except in books... then it's permitted... if it's like this.

This was the first book i have read by Dark Inferno, i doubt it'll be my last. New fan :)

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