[Review] Mine 'Til Monday by Ruby Laska


Dorothy Albright has known Mud Taylor all her life. They’ve shared skinned knees, picnics, and rope swings..and somewhere along the line, a first kiss. Then Mud grew up one summer and left her behind. He’s a forgotten page in her history, until a crisis in her professional life brings him back.

Dorothy’s dream boss is looking for a certain kind of protégée: the married kind. Unfortunately, Dorothy’s social life has taken a dive while her career has taken off, and there’s no fiancé in sight, fictional or otherwise.

Then she remembers Mud, and she has to admit that her old best friend is the only man who can help her pull off her plan, even if he stirs up long-buried passions.

This was one of those free books. Looking at my TBR, I have a few more by Ruby Laska too.

I don't know what it is, but they're is something about Dot, that irritated me. It wasn't like a woodpecker at my head, more like a fly buzzing round. I just wanted to get in her face and show my annoyance.

I got the feeling that she considered herself better than Mud, because  of her up bringing, job, perfect-ness. It was like Mud didn't match up to that and if I was Mud, i would have walked away from that, regardless of how much you think you love someone.

Nevertheless I still enjoyed it, it was a good read... It's just not one of those books where you feel empty at the end.

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